Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday 4th April

Today was spent seeing Oxford University, and the surroundings.
I was also interviewed by Stephan Ridgway and Robyn Jay about the study tour. A telling question from Robyn was "what will you bring back from the conferences and interviews"? Innovation and Leadership are a combination of many supporting factors, including the ability to take supported risks, and a culture to do that in, having open collaboration, and having the energy of a number of champions to drive the innovation. Frameworks are essential, but so too is freedom within that framework, both for innovation and excellent leadership.

An email came about the EDNA Groups E-learning Resources and tools website. Have a look especailly at the "Ten web 2.0 things you can do in ten minutes to be a more successful e-learning professional" from Lisa Neal and Stephen Downes, and try one.


Jacqueline said...

Hi Jen

So I decided to go with Option 8 of Stephen Downes list and reply to your posting :)

Your trip is sounding great - I am really looking forward to catching up with you when you get back.

We are all drowning in funding submissions here in Institute-land. I can't wait until next week to get a break from it.

Catch you again soon.


jenmam said...

Dear Jac,

Stephan has just gone to Vietnam, and is takeing the same tiny unit that you will be. I can't remember the blog address for this trip, and Robyn has started it off with a beautiful header!

Ah yes, did the preliminaries for AFLF, RTF, and have been working on ANT. Such acronyms, but having done this trip I promised myself I won't use them ever again. That should last a week, a day?