Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday 7th April

Attitude is everything isn't it. What makes some people see the half empty glass, some the half full? If you know the answer to this, can you comment here? Today was an interesting journey from Portsmouth to Bristol with a big Road Atlas and some very helpful people along the way.

Went through a number of beautiful villages, and Farnham and Farnboro (will check that!) stand out for incredibly helpful people. One man even told me what to see when I got to Bristol. Got something (an insect?) stuck in my eye, and many people were very kind in helping me with that.

The Higher Education Council for Funding in England aims to invest in the British higher education sector, to encourage research in identified strategic areas, as well as funding support for innovation in research into technology. It also has 74 Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), an initiative with two main aims: to reward excellent teaching practice, and to further invest in that practice so that CETLs funding delivers substantial benefits to students, teachers and institutions.

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