Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday 9th April

So is it possible to teach people to be innovative? The survey results are not yet finalised, but there seems to have been a resounding "not really" response. We can support innovation by having a risk-supported culture, committed leaders, technology strategy in place, and a reward system where possible, but most of the people I've spoken with have commented that it is only possible to give people the framework for innovation rather than the creative spark.

In terms of innovation for education, one of the people I met with, summed it up: "it's the way that tools are used that's really critical. Just as a great teacher can give a great (face to face) lesson with next to no tools, and a poor teacher can make a mess up ... so while new technologies might enable a good teacher to be really creative (& use them appropriately) so a poor teacher mayn't use them that well, and may use them inappropriately, thus alienating students."

Using technology for it's own sake won't work but enabling a culture of can do and supported risk-taking will. Stay tuned for the final results as I make my way home! Some of the outcomes you might be interested in looking at will include:

1. a Wiki (or any platform you would like to try out! - let me know) with resources about creativity in a practical sense
2. A similar resource for Innovation
3. A written report
4. A discussion forum later in 2008 relating to Innovation and Leadership in education
5. An online event in June 18/19 with the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, with guest speakers from the USA

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