Monday, April 7, 2008

The weekend in London, and of course, Portsmouth

Well, what a great time - I did a few hours writing up and sorting out what I'd been doing, and then headed up to Harrod's to buy everybody a souvenir. I even have a souvenir Word document, to keep track. What often happens, and you'll sympathise, I'm sure, is that the people you see first on your return home, take all the good stuff. So there will be no incredible Harrod's chocolates for Liz, nor that incredible Harrod's gold-plated pen for you, and the voodoo dolls from New Orleans are sure to go quickly.

Saturday was cold, but not so bad as Sunday, when it magically started snowing outside my hotel window as I was rushing to get ready to go to Heathrow then Portsmouth. Here is a video, in case you don't believe me, but of course you would have seen the Olympic torch and heard the reports.

On Sunday afternoon I was lucky enough to meet with Emma, who has been to most countries, as well as being involved very heavily in e-learning, after being a Geographer, teaching Special Education, and lecturing in Computing, as well as using technology in her own teaching and learning she is currently Faculty eLearning Co-ordinator. We had a great and ranging discussion about e-learning, and came up with some common themes and strategies we're using. Have a look at ExPERT one of the teaching and learning initiatives funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England.

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