Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blog 22 March

Met Marilyn, Rochelle and George for a continental breakfast.

LaDonna Gaitlin Sang and spoke in this closing session and opened with a song: Everything is Beautiful. This was great, combining a sing along, as well as reminders about doing the most with your time. If you'd like to hear some of my singing, you can see here. Of course it's the Endeavour Harmony Chorus (scroll down the page to NSW and it starts at the 29th minute)!

LaDonna used the scale (somebody remind me what it is called!!!!) as a framework. See for further details

The points that resonated with me were Fa ilures can be turned into fertiliser: ANYTHING CAN BE REDEEMED - something I think is so important to support innovation and excellent leadership of teaching and learning.

One other thing for today: technology enables excellent teaching and learning to meet learner and client needs, so you need to select the most appropriate for the stakeholders and for the outcomes you hope to achieve, no matter what sphere these are in.
•Technologies do not determine business models but enable them.

The other really important point that needs to be emphasised is to La ugh


Jo Fuller said...

Hi Jenni

What a wondeful phrase failures can tunr into fertilizer, love it!! What does that mean for us as we have lots of fertilizer. Hope the rain isn't to bad for you! love reading all your posts it sounds as though you are doing lost of great things and being inspired. Take care Jo

jenmam said...

Don't y'all love that phrase! We do, we do, but from what I can gather it is a world-wide phenomenon.

jacqueline.bates said...

Yep loving that all we need in NSW is more rain lol