Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday 28th March

A great day at the UCEA conference. The gems for today were:

Talking with Sally and Kate, who invited me out for lunch yesterday

  • Meeting Judy, from Spokane, who gave me an autographed book that she had written. Her daughter had won a very special student award

  • All the people at dinner, and here's a photo

  • The band after dinner was truly amazing, and could rival the Endeavour Harmony Chorus (no, only joking)

  • At the Inclusive Leadership workshop, a truly interactive and value added affair, with a great workshop leader/s. The gems from this were about going back to basics, and repeat some of the themes that have emerged about innovation and great leadership:

  • Perceptlon is reality

  • Take risks

  • Needs to be an intentional effort: get to know people

  • Need to take personal responsibility

This session engaged people and went back to basics. Basics is something we probably
all should review regularly. The other session which really stood out was the Technology Petting Zoo - this was one of those ideas where we have had the idea but this was the twist we might be looking for. Chas Freeman was the keynote speaker, and excellent too.

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