Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keeping in touch

There have been quite a few comments about how fabulous the blog is, that I hadn't been updating the Wiki, the Adobe Connect room is a great idea, but the time lag is not so good! and what have I got with me in terms of tools?

Well, the easy stuff first. I've got an iPod and recorder attachment - this has been great in getting recordings from people. I've got my PDA, so I can take notes during presentations and interviews and download them onto the Wiki, or upload them onto the Wiki. I've got a fabulous camera, which is probably my weakest link - even though I'm a visual person, I can't seem to get it out fast or often enough! I've got a laptop, kindly set up by Jonathon from Bankstown so that Internet connection has been a breeze, and kindly organised by Amelita!

It has taken me some time to make it easier to post to the Wiki and Blog - the photos take a long time for the Blog, much shorter time for the Wiki, and I think it would have been easier to upload all the photos every few days, and to one place only, like Flickr, and then link to them.

The Wiki and Blog have been time consuming, so now I'm trying to streamline, but as I commented to Jac in one of the posts below, it is like assessment. There is an inverse proportion of time in the short term and long term - the longer it takes initially, the shorter time later, as all assessors will know!


lizr said...

thanks for handy hint page.. when we get to travel!!

Enjoying your blog and comments.

jenmam said...

Haha Ms Lizzie - you would love it here! I;m just refining a few things, e.g. Saving Wiki pages when you have a very weak Internet connection doesn't necessarily mean they're saved, as I've just found out after a two hour stint last night went for nought :-)

jacqueline.bates said...

Hey Jen

Something I learnt on the Arizona trip - experiencing similar problems was to type up my reflections comments in a word or text file SAVE and then copy and paste to wiki or blog later...just in case. I was caught out a time or two with timeouts etc as well.

Great to see all is going well there Jen.

Take care :)