Monday, March 24, 2008

San Antonio to New Orleans

Have a look at the Riverwalk San Antonio. The photo doesn't do it justice - you can walk for miles around the under road system of canals in San Antonio. A lovely place, with the Alamo, Caves, etc. When I talk about these things, it doesn't mean I've been to them :-)

Flew into New Orleans and arrived at the hotel via the French Quarter, and the Easter Sunday celebrations - fantastic! The Mississipi River is out my window. On this Easter Monday I have done some more research on Leadership in particular. The results on the Wiki are not as prolific as I'd like. I've also investigated the Community Colleges and Universities that I can visit tomorrow, as the conference doesn't actually start till Wednesday - today and Tuesday are being spent in help
This video shows a glimpse of Tulane University.

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