Monday, March 17, 2008

Can Innovation work remotely/virtually?

Had an email from Liz and Gregor this morning which got me thinking to some of the thinking of people this week: that innovation works best when people are in close proximity rather than remote or virtual. What do you think?

Can it work remotely or virtually with skilled facilitation, or is the maintenance of remote networks often be at the expense of the person leading it?

How important is F2 F when working in teams???

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lizr said...

Good questions. Am currently in a virtual team for QUT having to create an online task. First up I was the moderator.

spent a few days experiencing a disconcerted state of surrealism.
Had email addresses and nothing else.. so was desperately looking for human connection as opposed to just an e connection.... so no chance of anything...... at all.

Am feeling that genuine human connection in a face to face context builds trust, rapport and opportunity for shared understanding of situations all fundamental to innovation.

I think first this question needs to ponder what do we think INNOVATION actually is and how does it happen. so more questions