Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good and big day today

A great day today, with three excellent sessions. Have no photos, so going to get some at the International Society for Business Education dinner which I'm attending tonight.

Have a look at the Wiki (specific page) for updates on the conference proceedings. Most are summaries I've made, except when I got a little tired, and also people were looking at me a bit funny as I had my head down to the PDA :-)

The welcome to the IBSE dinner was astounding. If you're a business education teacher, and even if you're not, see the website here. Join the Australian chapter. The ISBE conference will be in Australia in 2010. The most wonderful people are part of this organisation and their photos are dotted around this posting. The presentation on the conference in Ireland by Marty (the photo does her no justice to either her appearance or her friendly and dynamic nature!)

My next post will be in relation to the blog and Wiki, and what to carry with you in terms of technology. My motto is usually keep it simple, think about what will work, try it out, and learn from it. That was some motto! I also usually pack light, and this time have the biggest bag I've ever carried anywhere in the world.

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