Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Had a long walk this morning, down to Times Square, and then to Madison Square, via the Herald Square, and past the Empire State Building.

My lack of skill as a photographer is showing now: Rockefeller Centre on the left. The photos have not come out too well, so will have to go back to get some better ones :-)

The Empire State Building is shown from Madison Square park, where dogs have a special playground, and then the view from my room, to the right here.

This is the second noisiest place I've ever been - the Hong Kong youth hostel was by far the worst, sleeping as we were on top of the pumping station!!!

New York is a fantastic place - have walked for about 4 hours today, and the city is one of the most alive, dynamic, safe and friendly in the world. Speaking of safe, there is at least one police car on every corner, often more, or maybe I am ignorant of what that really means.

There is enough time to think, and put things together. Spent some time at the New York Public Library, and also a lot of time in Barnes and Noble where I bought a book on Leadership published by Harvard University Press. Surprisingly our book on Human Resource Management in Australia wasn't there :-)

Something big was happening on Park Avenue, hence this photo of one of about 10 news vans - too chicken to ask what it was about.

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