Saturday, March 8, 2008

New York

The city that never sleeps! Everybody has been asking whether I'm excited: yes, but also apprehensive. Travelling alone can open up a lot of opportunities to meet new people, with discussion and new things to do, but it is not like you're 25 still!

Thank you all for your best wishes with this tour, and I'll be updating here each day, as far as possible. New York temperatures are here, and everybody said buy a coat when you get there :-)

The World clock shows that Sydney is 16 hours in front of New York.

Aha, found my notes on the plane trip now: Evan Economy class has movies on deman. Has anybody seen Michael Clayton, the movie> food for thoguht around a number of questions: ethics, work-life balance, the impact of mental illness, loyalty, friendship.

Got to do a bit (almost exagerrated and said a lot!) of reading on the plane. Summaries and initial analysis will be available on the wiki, in the next 12 hours.

Also from the flight, a new acronym: BAG re an aisle guard who wouldn't let me in or out to stretch my legs, etc, etc! Something to remember when you're on a packed to the hilt 14 hour overnight flight: be nice to your fellow travellers.

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