Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fire in New York

Playing even more havoc with my circadian rhythms was an exhaust fan engine blow up at the Helmsley. As the photos show, the rush of fire engines was huge, and I got to do my exercise for Thursday by climbing down 33 flights of stairs.

Met some more people – a woman from northern England, and four women in their PJ’s, from Wales. People’s exasperation was pretty unreal – one guy kept yelling at a fireman about whether the lifts would be working soon.

The lovely woman from Durram? England got her photographer son to take this photo of me – he’s good, isn’t he?

The drama was over at about 1.00, and finally got to sleep at about 6.00. Did some work this morning, and needing to re-organise the Wiki, so it is logical. Have moved hotels, and this one, which shall remain nameless, is pretty second rate, even though it costs more!

About to analyse some more resources for teaching innovation, and will post to the Wiki when I find out how much Internet access is here J.

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