Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Orleans

New Orleans has not recovered from Hurricane Katrina, and later Rita. You can find these videos mostly on You Tube, but elsewhere also - very moving and a concise and pognant look at the tragedy.

But what amazed me around the city, and on the way from the airport, there are advertisments for every type of higher education institution. I can't say I noticed any in San Antonio, but that might have been the broken windscreen and mud spattered (think outback Australia) windscreen combining so that I couldn't see anything AT ALL!


David and Wendy said...

Hi Jenni!! You are amazing!! So enjoying navigating your blog - Aaron is impressed that I can do it all by myself. Love your photos. Don't understand all you're learning, but find it fascinating nonetheless. Seen Tim and Bel's seen Elly - all good. Walked for Rwanda - thanks for sponsorship!! Love and blessings, Wendy

jenmam said...

Dear Wendy, David, Aaron, Belinda, Karli and Dane!

That is great news about the Walk - you will have to be getting ready to go to Rwanda soon enough :-) Congratulations too on impressing your son - there is nothing like it! See you in a few weeks, and thanks for commenting too.