Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21 in San Antonio

Started this morning with a session on Virtualisation, then experiential learning for international students, ard then technolearning. Go to click NBEA 2008 for two things especially: rubrcs and a student guide to using Wikis. Also had the NBEA Awards luncheon, and this snippet partly explains why the association is so successful:

The day was highlighted by the great people I met: first at morning coffee, and met two of the women who run the Ranch night - just gorgeous, and so friendly. On the way to the ranch tonight, I sat with Rochelle, and her husband George sat with Marilyn. We had a great night, and of course the obligatory pictures (most of which Marilyn kindly took!) are dotted around this posting. Like the ISBE dinner last night it was very friendly and a great day. The photo on the right is of the hay ride, and you can see Verna in the black top. I met her on Tuesday (maybe Wednesday?), and she has been great, even when it was her birthday, she was sick and other stuff about her holiday (vacation).

I also got talking with people about the Human Resource Management Toolbox. If you'd like to preview any of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework Toolboxes, have a look at You can also see why e-learning is so important when it is about the best thing for learners:

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