Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More reflections

Gary Brown (from the US, not SWSI) asked the question: How effective is our higher education? This is one of the strengths of TAFE NSW : teaching learners to learn and focus on the activity they need to be able to undertake.

Have a look at the Critical Thinking Rubric. There is a blog for the UCEA conference, but it is only open to members. You can have a look at their website, at

Some great sessions on Thursday - Donna Brazile stated with humor: you can go to the Zoo and not only see every species, but get the recipes for them as well. Spoke very well about the lack of government support for re-building New Orleans.

Need to jazz or spice up things to create a new vibe: exactly the Same as for innovation!! You need to stir the pot rather than put things off. Must be willing to engage and inform. Only in this way will things go forward.

The two people above looked at their successful continuing education programs that take generational differences into account and have been implemented at Tuskegee University and California Polytechnic State University.

Some other reflections:

TAFE needs to get to High school students much earlier than Y ear 10 .

One size does not fit all. Take into account the individual organisational factors. If there's a problem, move forward. It doesn't matter whose fault it is!


Mike said...

This is really good!

You should do motivational speeches :)

jenmam said...

you guys are really funny :-) Are you going to be home tomorrow, I'll call you :-0)