Thursday, March 6, 2008

The night before New York

Right, there's just been an explosion in Times Square in New York. Here's a link to more information so you don't have to worry: It was a very small explosion.

I have to admit to being a bit scared, becasue of all those Law and Order and SVU shows I watch!

Can I thank everybody who sent best wishes by email today and during the last few weeks - if you can comment here that would be great. Some very insightful comments especially about elearning, innovation and leadership too, which would be good to share.


Jo Fuller said...

Hi Jenni
Sounds as though you have hit the ground running. Lots to do and see. I too, enjoy SVU funny we didn;t talk about this before you went! :-)

Will enjoy hearing about the conferences and the people you meet. Will try and post something related to the tour! promise!

Jo Fuller

jenmam said...

Hi Jo,

I met a man from Memphis today (no, it wasn't Elvis!) and he said he loves SVU too, but that it only happens in the suburbs, not New York City proper!

The Innovation workshop today - will update the Wiki: a lot of the research and information so far is obvious, but it's been great to get the different perspectives from a range of industries today.