Monday, March 10, 2008

Making Innovation Work

Lucky I left a couple of hours to get to the other end of New York! Had a mixed good sleep - up at 3.00 am, which is strangely bed time at home, and then back to sleep for a couple of hours till 9.00.

I had good intentions to work, and work out in the gym when I awoke, but luckily decided to leave early. Caught the subway from Grand Central - wow! what a station, see photo on left - doesn't look nearly as impressive from Park Avenue outside! and walked around the Financial Center - see this photo of Wall Street the New York Stock Exchange, above left.

Next went to the World Financial Center - a beautiful new building, and in getting there, past the Twin Towers site over which there is some debate. I took some photos of the memorial wall but then saw signs to say no cameras, so won't be sharing that here.
The Making Innovation Work workshop was great - caught the subway and who should I be sitting with? The Director MTA and the Innovation and Strategy Manager! More on this on the Wiki in the morning.
Have a great view of two icons out my window, and when I get a photo, the first to guess what they are will get a prize from New York (see the next posting for one, but I gave it away!).

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Jo Fuller said...

Hi Jenni

Sounds as though you are getting out and about. The conference sounds great will jump over to the wiki and see what is going on there.

Take care