Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NBEA Conference

Started with a great conversation with too people from Trinity Valley Community College David Loper and Ronald

Business Etiquette was a session presented by Dr Robert Blair, and the key findings:

You only have one chance to make a good first impression

Perceptions are important but (and this is my question!) should they be based on appearances? In which case, I'll be needing to use my skills from the afternoon workshop!

The teaching in the Photoshop workshop was some of the best, most innovative ever experienced.

The keynote speaker was preceded by the oath of allegiance, national anthem and a very good introduction by the Texas representative. John Kasich "Stand for Something'

What people care about is whether you have integrity, honesty and ethics

We need to take personal responsibility

Raise the bar

Teamwork is essential

At the President's reception tonight I met Nancy from Wyoming and a man from Wisconsin. They both thought that innovation can only be taught to people with a natural talent for it, like music, art, etc.


jacqueline.bates said...

Hey Jen

You are obviously busy :) with lots of blog posts to show for it.

I really liked your post on email from the perspective that it is good to reflect on things we get very used to and take for granted. I really love the Inbox Zero approach for managing my email Delete, Delegate, Respond, Defer, Do - it is on a post-it note on my computer screen to remind me to do it!

You are as usual an inspiration - I can't wait to do my own exploration later this year in the UK, France and Italy ...seeing your postings is helping me get organised to pull the trip together asap.

It would be great to hear about how you are doing your recordings of interviews and posting what tools, software, strategies, shortcuts you are using. I am exploring what kind of toolkit I need to take with me and I want it to be small, very portable and effective. I am expecting you to have all of the answers :) lol.

Take care


susanC said...

Hi Jen,
I feel exhausted just reading your posts. I am also a firm believer in the empty inbox at the end of the day. I am not always able to achieve this but I put in a good effort.

I am also keen like Jacqueline to hear what communication tools you find the most effective. I have lost a lot of the enthusiasm since by recent leave but you could be my inspiration to get back on board

jenmam said...

Hi Jac and Susan :-)

Two of my favourite people! Thanks for adding the Inbox Zero. email is such a simple thing, but it can be quite overwhlming, particularly when people overuse the high importance signal!

Where in the UK are you going? I will post the answers to some of the questions about the how to - somebody said it was cleve,r but of course it's not! I am also tkaing a lot more time to document now, but that will be like assessment - the more time you take initially the less time later :-)

And Susan, have a look at my Vietnam blog here You must surely be owed a restful holiday after your long journey. It is so good to hear from you! I'm inspired by both of you, not vice versa, as you have both demonstrated such positive thinking in the face of adversity. How come I get all the good friends :-)

jacqueline.bates said...

Hey Jen

...and Susan :)

I am up at Mt Buller for the Easter weekend - beautiful mountains - stunning view from the window here. My son has just connected the wireless broadband in the chalet here for me. Gorgeous day outside - some of the crew are out doing a fun run. I am pretty happy here inside looking out the window, drinking real coffee with access to WWW :) - I will venture out soon - I did do a bike ride yesterday so not too lax.

I am putting together a paper for the mlearn conference in UK in October using wikiversity - I will put up the site here later once I get some structure in there. I would really value both of your inputs.

I am going to explore the idea of the eePC or similar and some other tools to create a small kit to take with me on my trip - I really plan to travel light after my giant case episode when I went to Arizona lol.

I hope your trip continues to be wonderful Jen and that the Easter Bunny finds you there.


jenmam said...

Hi Jac,

What was the giant suitcase Arizona incident>>>??? I hadn't heard that one!

The smaller the better in my book, and I should have investigated further. I also wish I had have presented at some of the conferences, as I wish it was more interactive.